History of Logic

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Theory and History of Ontology

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History of Logic from Aristotle to Gödel by Raul Corazzon | e-mail: rc@ontology.co


Index of the Section Stoic Logic

Logic in Ancient Stoicism

Critical Editions and Translations of the Fragments and Testimonia

Stoic Logic: The Dialectic from Zeno to Chrysippus

The Stoic Doctrine of Lekta (Sayables)

Ancient Stoic Rhetoric (under construction)

Stoic Philosophy of Language and Grammar (under construction)

Selected Bibliography on Stoic Logic: A - E

Selected Bibliography on Stoic Logic: F - Z

Bibliography on Stoic Philosophy of Language, Grammar, Rhetoric

Early Stoic Logicians: Zeno of Citium, Cleanthes, Chrysippus